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-: How To Wear A Saree To Look Slim :-


1) Printed Saree :- Since All The Attention is Naturally Drawn To The Print of The Saree, it Diverts The Attention From A Woman's Figure.

                                       So, Next  Time Try And Pick a Printed Saree And See The Magic it Creates. 


2) Dual Toned Saree : - The Contrast Effect Created By Fusion Of Two Colours In A Dual Toned Saree Provied A Slimming Effect.


3) Thin Border :- Opt For a Thin Border Saree Instred of a Brord Border one if You Want To Look Thinner Than Usual.


4) The Fusion Look :- Try Teaming your saree with leggings insterd of the usual petticoat and this little change will make you 

                                               look slimmer from the waist.


5) Heels :- Dont's pair your saree with flats ever, even if you are tall. Heels not only accentuate the height but also make one look slim.


6) Black :-  it's a known fact that black has a slimming effect and the same rule applies to the Black Saree


7) Front Pallu Loop :- If you Have a Heavy upper Trost then this drape style is best for you as it tends to hide the upper Body


8) Long Blouse :- If you wear a Long Blouse, You'll be able to conceal a lot of problem areas. Also, it's the best way to hide your midriff, espeially if it's

                             out of shape.


9) Lehenga Saree :- It's the chicest way of wearing the saree and covers up most of the Problem areas.


:- How to Look Slim In Saree: Ace the Traditional Look :-


Saree is that one Indian traditional element that never fades away, rather this trend is getting hot and hotter with time passing by. Everyone loves a saree, the look and feel of a saree, and every woman loves wearing a saree once in a while. Why is it essential for you to know how to wear a saree to look slim? The answer is right here, folks! While a saree can make you and your body look gorgeous, that same saree can also make you look like you're drowning in heaps of fabrics, if not properly worn. Let's face the truth, ladies! Not everyone is blessed with that perfect figure and not everyone has the right height that we see in the movies or on the mannequins at the shops. We're real people and real people have different types of bodies. You really don't need to lose weight or be of the ideal height to look great in a saree.



-: Saree - Fabulous Ethnic Indian Saree Styles for Women :-


A Saree is the true epitome of ethnic fashion. Be it the 9-yard wonder or 6-yard finesse, a Saree will make you not just look elegant, but feel regal too. Think Saree & think of a work of art that represents an eclectic traditional style that has stood the test of time, very literally. With many thanks to today’s sartorial innovations and techniques, it is possible for contemporary artisans to weave stories of latest styles keeping the age old traditions intact. And we at Amrutam Fab, take the greatest pleasure in showcasing the widest and latest collection of Sarees online that speak style rooted deep in tradition. The Saree culture is continuously evolving in today’s trend time and we intend to keep up with it by updating our collection of Sarees online everyday! Browse through our largest collection of new Sarees online and get ready for any occasion- right from an office party to your very own Wedding. Yes, you read that right! A Saree is one such garment that has the ability to solve all your ‘i-have-nothing-to-wear-woes’ Even if you lead a life that involves sitting in front of a laptop from 9-5, even if your day revolves around completing chores at home, A Saree will always be there for you!


-: Origin of The Sarees :-


Did you know the Saree story originated in the myriad depths of the Mesopotamian history? Well, it is very true as India was introduced to the very art of weaving cotton into a garment by this advanced civilization. The technique then trickled down to the Men and women of the Indus Valley Civilization who wore this woven garment to go on with their day to day lives. The woven garments were draped around the waist and pleated t places where it would enable free or rigorous movement. As per various historical records, it is also known that the kingdoms of Egypt, Sumer & Assyria also adapted this style of clothing. Chronologically speaking, the Aryans were the first ones to make the world notice a Saree which was then known as ‘Neevi’ and was essentially a garment that was tied around a Woman’s waist along with a ‘Kanchuki’, that was akin to today’s Choli. With the advent of Mughals, the Saree , a three-piece garment came into existence along with the use of rich fabrics, embellishments and beautiful motifs, followed by the works of master weavers who were born in the heartlands of Gujarat and Banaras.


-: How to Pick the Right Saree :- 


At Amrutam Fab, Saree is the most revered ethnic garment and just like you, we cannot get enough of the ever changing versatility of it. Though A Saree is the most perfect outfit for all occasions, it can be a tad bit difficult to choose the perfect one for you, from the plethora of options available on Amrutam Fab. Our collection of Sarees and blouses literally knows no boundaries. Read: a gorgeous collection of Georgette, Chiffons, Cotton, Silk, Designer and much more is just a click away! You name the occasion and we have our  latest Saree collection waiting just for you! But, at the same time in order to make Saree shopping seamless and fulfilling, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. If you are blessed with an Apple shaped body, choose a Saree that hides those extra inches on your bust; stomach areas. A Silk Saree with delicate is all you need in times like these with a smashing pair of Jhumki earrings to elevate the style status of your entire outfit. Have a curvy waist and well-rounded hips? Your perfect Saree mates are gorgeous Georgettes and charming Chiffons which are bathed in bold colours, big borders and small prints. These Sarees online will ensure you look breathtaking no matter what the occasion! Have an athletic figure? Well, the options are endless! Subtly define your toned waistline and lean upper body by draping Cotton, Silk or Organza Sarees heavily embellished with brocade or heavy beadwork.


-: A Unique Collection of Sarees Online :-

What makes up for an exquisite Saree wardrobe? According to us the ideal Saree closet is only ideal if trends are in perfect harmony with tradition and that is exactly what we aim to achieve in our latest Saree collections that is host to varied trendy styles such as Multi coloured charmers, Lace work wonders, Half-half drapes and Checkered printed patterns. Not to mention, our Traditional Saree swathed in Resham Embroidery, Patola, Benarasi Silk, Bandhanis, Kanjivaram Sarees and so on! Now let’s talk colours. Since time immemorial, Indian ethnic fashion is known for its vivacious hues that instantly make for a head turning outfit. Keeping this very tradition in mind, Amrutam Fab Sarees online is in harmony with trending colours of the season like- Rani Pink, bold Blue, beautiful Black, radiant Red and gorgeous Orange.


The Charm of Shopping With Amrutam Fab

With the technology advancing at breakneck speed, shopping for womens clothing has become easier than ever and we at Amrutam Fab aim to keep up with the trends by updating our collections with the latest styles every single day. Latest Saree styles and designs are available at amazing, affordable prices, literally just a click away! We stand for the phrase- value for money and will always aim to create a wonderful, fulfilling shopping experience online. Shop with us and refresh your ethnic wardrobes every single day. Head to our website to get in on the latest ethnic trends or download our smart phone App to avail discounts and never-seen-before prices for timeless Sarees for all those precious and priceless moments!

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